Sometimes the soul needs a moment to slow down, sit in a relaxing environment and breathe in the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Luckily for you, we've gathered a list of 10 of Iowa's best coffee shops, suggested by Iowans. Whether your fix is a unique foreign blend or black coffee with a sugary baked good, this list will spark some new flavors and experiences that spice up your coffee life.

1. Adams Street Espresso


Iowa's Best Coffee Shops: Adam's Street Espresso, Creston
Photo Courtesy Creston Coffee Shop Facebook page

At Adam’s Street Espresso in Creston, you don’t have to decide between a hearty breakfast meal or unleashing your sweet tooth. The menu delivers delectable gourmet coffees, all-day breakfast items and tasty ice cream in its charming historic downtown building.

2. Natural Grind

Grundy Center

Iowa's Best Coffee Shops: Natural Grind, Grundy Center
Photo Courtesy The Natural Grind's website

Created by health and fitness lovers, Natural Grind is determined to give coffee lovers, health nuts and socialites a place to connect and escape the daily stresses of life. Not only does the Grundy Center shop offer guilt-free coffee treats, but you can also enjoy browsing their shop of holistic health products.

3. Little Green Truck Coffee Co.


Iowa's Best Coffee Shops: Little Green Truck Coffee Co., Auburn
Photo Courtesy Little Green Truck Coffee's website

You don’t have to leave Iowa to experience unique coffee tastes from around the world! The Little Green Truck Coffee Co. specializes in roasting high quality Arabica single origin coffee. Using a delicate process of applying the right amount of heat and airflow during the roasting process, Little Green Truck Coffee Co. is known for delivering the best flavor. You can enjoy the fresh roast brews at their Auburn location or order the beans delivered directly to you.

4. Aromas

Charles City

Iowa's Best Coffee Shops: Aromas, Charles City
Photo Courtesy Aroma's Coffee website

With coffees from Africa, Latin America and Indonesia, you will never be tired of Aroma’s Coffee and their diverse selection of gourmet coffee. The roasting process used by this family-owned and operated business allows the coffee to maintain its natural undertones of chocolate, caramel, spice, berries, citrus and other flavors. You can visit the shop in Downtown Charles City to taste the day’s featured coffee, or order online to enjoy it in your home.

5. Mornin' Glory Coffee

Webster City

Iowa's Best Coffee Shops: Mornin' Glory Coffee, Webster City
Photo Courtesy Morning Glory Coffee website

Mornin’ Glory Coffee in Webster City provides the perfect small town coffee shop feel with exceptional made-to-order lattes, cappuccinos and frappes. If it is sunny, you will love soaking up some rays in the garden patio area or enjoying the comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi and plenty of outlets inside.

6. Coffee Tree

Storm Lake

Iowa's Best Coffee Shops: Coffee Tree, Storm Lake
Photo Courtesy Morning Glory Coffee website

This woman-owned coffee shop is known for its cozy vibe, amazing coffee and great customer service. The menu offers a variety of homemade food, pastries, rich coffee and plenty of vegan and gluten free options. The shop, located in Storm Lake, has several private rooms available to the public, a drive-through and Wi-Fi, making it the perfect location to relax or get work done.

7. Kalona Coffee House


Iowa's Best Coffee Shops: Kalona Coffee House, Kalona
Photo Courtesy Kalona Coffee House Facebook page

Providing locally loved seasonal drinks and diverse menu options, Kalona Coffee House provides an experience that keeps coffee lovers coming back. This Kalona cafe provides comfortable couches and a playroom to provide a relaxing and welcoming meeting place for friends, family and business partners to meet.

8. Euphoria Coffee

West Union

Iowa's Best Coffee Shops: Euphoria Coffee, West Union
Photo Courtesy Euphoria Coffee Iowa Facebook page

When owners Nick and Jacey Yost chose to open a gourmet coffee shop in West Union, they had no idea that the community would fall in love with their perfectly roasted coffee so quickly. The Yosts believe that roasting coffee beans is both a science and an art, a belief that helped them win the Sioux City Roast Off competition. Euphoria Coffee continues providing coffee made from all locally sourced ingredients and developing a new roasting formula for every single variety sourced.

9. Redband Coffee Company


Iowa's Best Coffee Shops: Redband Coffee Company, Davenport
Photo Courtesy Redband Coffee Facebook page

This local favorite coffee shop specializes in New Orleans-style iced coffee and coffee roasted fresh in gas-fired German roasters. With two locations in Davenport, Redband Coffee Company continues to serve deliciously crafted sandwiches, scones and cookies. Both locations offer a drive thru and walk-in counter service to provide convenience to customers.