It's a tough job, but someone has to find the best donuts across the state!

1. Ambrosia Donuts, Ankeny

Iowa's Best Donuts: Ambrosia Donuts, Ankeny

Soft, fluffy and filled upon request, Ambrosia Donuts in Ankeny is a local favorite. Psst…we’ve heard the chocolate cake donut is to die for!

2. Hiland Bakery, Des Moines

Iowa's Best Donuts: Hiland Bakery, Des Moines

Hiland Bakery has been a local staple in Des Moines since 1946. Stop in for a crème longhorn.

3. Hurts Donut, Several Locations

Iowa's Best Donuts: Hurts Donut
Photo Courtesy Hurts Donut Facebook

Choose from more than forty different donut concoctions, ranging from traditional favorites like maple bacon long johns to topping-laden delicacies including the Cookie Monster donut at Hurts Donut in CoralvilleWest Des Moines or the Quad Cities. Or, take your donut consumption to the next level with a donut ice cream shake! Hurts Donut is open 24/7 for all of your sweet tooth needs.

4. Golden Delight Bakery, Kalona

Iowa's Best Donuts: Golden Delight Bakery, Kalona, Iowa

Operated by a group of Amish residents, Golden Delight Bakery in Kalona makes glazed donuts the old-fashioned way. Fans also rave about their sticky buns and half-moon pies. Closed January and February.

5. The Donut Stop, Shenandoah

Iowa's Best Donuts: The Donut Stop, Shenandoah Iowa
Photo Courtesy The Donut Stop Facebook

For more than 30 years, The Donut Stop in Shenandoah has served up glazed donuts described as “heaven on earth.”

6. Dough & Joe, Cresco

Iowa's Best Donuts: Dough & Joe, Cresco, Iowa

Luscious cream-filled long johns are waiting to be enjoyed at Dough & Joe in Cresco. One Colorado couple loved them so much, they used them in place of a wedding cake!

7. Storm Lake Bakery, Storm Lake

Iowa's Best Donuts: Storm Lake Bakery

Locals come for the hot, fresh, made-from-scratch donut holes at Storm Lake Bakery in Storm Lake. But, hey, the holes have to come from somewhere, so grab a donut, too.

8. Jitter's, Sioux City

Iowa's Best Donuts: Jitter's, Sioux City

Jitter’s in Sioux City purchased the vintage "Donut Robot," once used to make the classic sunshine donuts, a Siouxland favorite dating back to the 1900s. The robot churns out 80-100 dozen donuts daily.

9. Dunkers by Matt, Jefferson

Iowa's Best Donuts: Bunkers Dunkers, Jefferson

Donut holes, made the old-fashioned way, have been a staple in Jefferson residents' lives for decades thanks to Dunkers by Matt. Try a glazed donut dunked in coffee, milk, hot chocolate, or even ice cream.

10. Donutland, Cedar Rapids

Iowa's Best Donuts: Donutland, Cedar Rapids
Photo Courtesy Donutland Facebook

Donutland in Cedar Rapids has been churning out a variety of 40 different donuts for 40 years! The double chocolate donut, a favorite among locals, goes great with a cup of their famous fresh-brewed coffee.

11. Rockets La Porte City Bakery, La Porte City

Iowa's Best Donuts: Rockets La Porte City Bakery
Photo Courtesy Rockets La Porte City Bakery Facebook

Blast off! The cake donuts at Rockets La Porte City Bakery are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. To go with your donut, the bakery grinds their coffee fresh and also offers muffins, soft pretzels and sugar cookies. They also have a second location in Waterloo with an even bigger selection of their tasty concoctions. 

12. Pedretti's Bakery, Elkader

Iowa's Best Donuts: Pedretti's Bakery, Elkader

Does a donut hole eating contest during the town festival prove that these donuts are to-die-for? Head on over to Pedretti's in Elkader for the famous donut holes, or try another local favorite, cream-filled long johns.