The summer is heating up, but we know just the thing to keep you relaxed and refreshed all season long: our list of the top 10 rosés across Iowa sure to delight your tastebuds. Explore and enjoy some of the state's best bubbly, fruity, sweet (or dry), refreshing and unique rosés.

1. Lover’s Loop – Backcountry Winery

A sign that says, "Backcountry Winery" stands among green trees and grass.


A semi-dry, tart and acidic rosé that never grows tired, Backcountry Winery’s Lover’s Loop is not too sweet. For those looking or something sweeter, try Boone River Blush, a fruity wine to compliment a relaxing summer day.

2. Rosie’s Rosé – Bodega Victoriana Winery

A glass of red wine sits on a table with green hills and a blue sky in the background.


Rosie’s Rosé from Bodega Victoriana Winery is the perfect summer refresher. This rosé wine is sweet with a side of fearless. Made from red Frontenac grapes grown in the Loess Hills of western Iowa since 2005, Rosie’s Rosé is light and crisp with notes of strawberry and cherry.

3. Red Raspberry Rhapsody – Winneshiek Wildberry Winery

A glass of wine is held before an orange sunset.


Like biting into a big, fresh, juicy, red raspberry, the Red Raspberry Rhapsody from the family-owned Winneshiek Wildberry Winery is the most delightful compliment for all things sweet, like chocolate or cheesecake.

4. Prairie Rosé – Prairie Crossing Vineyard and Winery

A bottle of wine stands beside a cluster of grapes with a blurred background.


Located in the Loess Hills, Prairie Crossing Vineyard and Winery’s Prairie Rosé is the perfect complement to a summer day of exploration.

5. Flight Path Rosé – Airport Road Vineyard & Winery

Airport Road Flight Path Rose'

Mount Pleasant

Airport Road Vineyard & Winery perfectly blends Chenin Blanc, Frontenac, Marquette and Syrah grapes to make their sweet rosé. With distinct flavors of cherry and dried cranberry, it’s a delectably delicious complement to all your favorite summer salads or crisp, juicy fresh fruit.

6. You're Making Me (Blush) – Fox Ridge Winery

A glass of pink wine sits next to it's accompanying bottle inside a store.


Made from Iowa-grown Frontenac grapes at Fox Ridge Winery, this wine is fermented without the skins to make a semi-sweet rosé with a fruity floral aroma sure to leave anyone blushing.

7. Caba Moch – Summerset Winery

A bottle of wine sits among green grape vines.


For those who prefer their beverages on the sweeter side, the Caba Moch rosé is for you. Summerset Winery’s Caba Moch is a sangria-style wine made from Marechal Foch and Catawba grapes. This easy drinker is referred to as “a party in a bottle,” and is Summerset’s best seller.

8. Sunny Rosé – Tabor Home Winery

A bottle of wine sits on a wooden post in a green vineyard


Family-owned Tabor Home Winery is located on the Tabor family's 1860s farmstead and has been home to five generations of farmers and winemakers. Tabor’s features several delightful rosés to explore including Sunny Rosé, a dry rosé deliciously complex with layers of fresh red fruit flavors. The Song of the Vine is a great semi-dry sparkling option. For those looking for something on the sweeter side with similarities to a White Zinfandel, the Catawba Rosé is a must-try.

9. Francesca’s Folly - Covered Bridges Winery

A bottle of red wine sits on a counter in a store.


This easy-drinking blush wine from Covered Bridges Winery is the perfect complement to an easy-going afternoon or casual afternoon. With notes of strawberry, cherry and vanilla, it’s semi-sweet and the perfect refreshing treat. For something on the dryer side, try the patio favorite, Roseman Bridge. The fruity blush wine is light and contains vibrant notes of pear and cranberry flavors.

10. Sparkling Rosé – Cedar Ridge Winery

Cedar Ridge Winery's large white building looms behind a harvested vineyard.


Cedar Ridge’s Sparkling Rosé uses a blend of Marechal Foch, Geisenheim, and Cayuga varietals to make a crisp, semi-sweet wine with notes of honeydew melon, canned peaches, starfruit and mandarin oranges. If you prefer a more traditional French-style wine, the winery also offers an off-dry rosé with aromatics of strawberries and violets.

Cheers to summer sipping! We hope you enjoy celebrating – and sampling – at unique venues across our great state. To view a map of Iowa wineries, and to sign up for the Iowa Wine Passport, please visit You can sign up for the free passport for the opportunity to win prizes by visiting wineries.

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