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Soldier Creek Winery

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Nestled within the embrace of our family farm, the vineyards at Soldier Creek Winery have witnessed the passage of time for over 15 years. After a barn fire, the Secor family saw an opportunity for renewal. The aftermath of the fire prompted a thoughtful reflection, leading to a bold decision to diversify. The grounds underwent a remarkable transformation. In 2007, the very soil that bore witness to the family's resilience became the canvas for a new chapter. The Secors embarked on a journey to cultivate a 6.5-acre vineyard on their Iowa farm. They selected 9 cold-climate grape varieties, uniquely suited to endure Iowa's unforgiving winters. A symphony of familial bonds and shared aspirations played out as the trellis system rose and the vines took root.

As the vision of Soldier Creek Winery materialized in 2012, there was a profound sense of commitment. Unintentionally, the venture became a catalyst for the Secor family's reunion in the Fort Dodge area. Bill and Tammi found themselves surrounded by the familiar faces of their children and their spouses, each contributing their unique talents to the winery's tapestry. What emerged from the ashes of a barn fire is not just a winery but a testament to resilience, familial bonds and the spirit of transforming challenges into opportunities.

Soldier Creek Winery stands not only as a producer of exceptional wines but as a living testament to the enduring strength of family and the land that binds them together.
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