Headed to Dyersville to visit the Field of Dreams? Here are five other local spots that will take you back to the golden age of baseball in Iowa's small towns.

1. If You Build It Exhibit

If You Build It, Dyersville Iowa

Discover the history behind one of the most iconic baseball fields in the country and the community that calls it home. This special exhibit showcases what made Dyersville a special place to film the blockbuster Field of Dreams movie. Come and take a picture at the new Ghost Player mural, discover behind the scenes stories and learn more about the infamous Black Sox Scandal. The exhibit will run through October, with extended hours during the Field of Dreams Game during the weekend of August 9-14 from 8.m. to 6 p.m.

2. Red Faber Museum

Red Faber Museum, Dyersville Iowa

Find out how small-town Urban "Red" Faber turned into a Baseball Hall of Famer. Faber, a Cascade native, entered the baseball community during his studies at Dubuque business school and spent his 20-year Major League career (1914-1933) with the White Sox. Even through challenging illnesses, injuries and World War I, Faber is celebrated for winning 254 games and for being the second to last pitcher to legally throw a spitball in the Major Leagues. Take a walk through the msuem to learn about Red's career and retirement. Contact the museum to set up an appointment.

3. Textile Brewing Company

Textile Brewing Company, Dyersville Iowa

Satisfy your appetite and quench your thirst at the Textile Brewing Company. The former 1910 sewing factory has transformed into a vintage brewpub with some of the best food and drinks in town. Maintaining the historic architecture of the former factory, the Textile Brewing Company is a favorite among locals for their huge gourmet pretzels, flatbreads, ciders and beers. Check in with the free Iowa Beer Passport to earn prizes and exlusive deals along the way.

4. National Farm Toy Museum

National Farm Toy Museum, Dyersville Iowa

Unleash your inner child with a museum that specializes in showcasing more than 100 years of beautifully preserved vintage farm toys. The museum will guide you through the history of the collectibles and agriculture in the United States. With 30,000 scale models, replicas and toys based on real farm equipment, visitors will understand why Dyersville is rightfully known as the Farm Toy Capital of the World. The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

5. Plaza Antique Mall

Plaza Antique Mall, Dyersville Iowa

Looking to take a little slice of heaven home with you? The Plaza Antique Mall is the perfect place to find special items rich in history. The mall has over 250 booths and showcases a variety of antiques, collectibles and farm toys from over 200 dealers. Whether you are interested in sports, classic cars, toys or advertising, there is a treasure for everyone.