Sunderbruch Park Mountain Bike Trail

This is the crown jewel of off-road riding in Davenport. Comprised of 99% singletrack trails, a full gamut of difficulty levels (green to black diamond) are incorporated into the trail system.

Green trails boast two miles of beautiful wooded scenery and test riders with a few small, beginner log crossings, one ladder bridge and one corduroy feature. Blue trails offer moderate changes in elevation, some rooted and off-camber terrain, a variety of corduroy sections, log-crossings, large wooden berms and other wooden structures. Black Sunderbruch trails offer fast descents and challenging climbs, creek crossings, narrow winding trails, roots, skinnies, drops, and a plethora of logs. Something for every rider’s interest!



TRAIL USES: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Equestrian

LENGTH: 7 miles