The Iowa State Fair has rightfully earned its place among the “Top 30 Things Every Midwesterner Should Experience.” As the most famous state fair in the country (the original novel "State Fair" was based on Iowa's event), this cherished tradition has been drawing millions of visitors from all corners of the U.S. since 1854.

Running for 11 consecutive days every August, the Iowa State Fair is a true celebration of everything that makes our state special. This iconic event promises a captivating blend of agricultural splendor, lively entertainment, mouthwatering delicacies, and, of course, warm Midwestern hospitality.

Jacquie and Ryan, known as the Chicago Couple, had their first taste of the fair last year and described it as "classic Americana fun." Meanwhile, travel blogger Andrea Larson, whose parents have been attending for years, is excited to carry on the tradition with her own family, saying, "We loved it and can't wait to go back!"

Side by side photos showing a smiling black woman and white man on the left, and a family standing in front of a mural on the right. Jacquie and Ryan of the Chicago Couple (left), and Andrea Larson and family (right).