You'd better be hungry - really hungry - to take on one of these meals. From "sandwiches" that tower more than a foot of the plate to meals that pack more calories in them than a person's weekly recommended intake - Iowa invites you to take the challenge.

1. 28,890 Challenge at the Screaming Eagle

Guy's Getaway Food Challenges: 28,890 Challenge at the Screaming Eagle Bar & Grill in Waterloo, Iowa
Photo Courtesy Screaming Eagle Bar & Grill Facebook


Complete three of their 9630 hamburgers (named for the John Deere tractor... and maybe the number of calories you'll be consuming) loaded with three kinds of cheese, jalapeno bacon, ham, grilled onions and mushrooms, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, pickle and spicy mayo plus an order of fries, half order of onion rings and side salad in under 45 minutes.

2. Adam Emmenecker Challenge at Jethro's BBQ

Guy's Getaway Food Challenges: The Adam Emmenecker Challenge at Jethro's BBQ, Des Moines Iowa

Several Locations, Des Moines Area

Eat all the favorite foods of former Drake University basketball star Adam Emmenecker - a pork tenderloin, buffalo chicken tenders, white cheddar sauce, fried cheese curds, Texas brisket, applewood smoked bacon, cheeseburger, spicy pickle and a pound of fries – in 15 minutes. [Adam Richman from the Travel Channel’s Man vs Food tried and failed.]

3. Killosal Sandwich at B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli

Guy's Getaway Food Challenges: Killosal Sandwich at B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli in Des Moines, Iowa
Photo Courtesy B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli Facebook

Des Moines

Chow down on a mash-up of four popular sandwiches – four cheeseburgers, a pile of vegetables, a bunch of deli meat and a pork tenderloin – in under 20 minutes.

4. Triple Double Food Challenge at Brick City Grill

Guy's Getaway Food Challenge: Triple Double Food Challenge at Brick City Grill, Ames Iowa
Photo Courtesy Brick City Grill Website


Take down six beef patties, a dozen slices of cheese, twelve pieces of bacon, a toasted brioche bun and a double order of fries in 30 minutes or less.