Maharishi Vedic City

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Tucked away in the cornfields just north of Fairfield, Maharishi Vedic City is a community based on the principles of Veda, ancient texts that focus on balance and natural law.   Synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are banned in Vedic City, making it America’s first all-organic city.   

The entire city plan was based on Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, an ancient system of architecture and design. All structures were built with room placement according to the movement of the sun
Maharishi Vedic City is home to the outdoor Maharishi Vedic Observatory which consists "ten, six feet tall, white, concrete-and-marble astronomical instruments arranged in a circle." Each instrument is precisely aligned with the sun, moon, and stars, and can be used to calculate their actual movements and has the potential to create inner happiness and balance in the physiology.

The Raj Ayur-veda Health Center and Spa is located within Vedic City as well.  It is a 100-acre spiritual retreat that offers Ayur vedic health treatments, nature trails, and lakes.


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