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Douds and Leando are fondly referred to as Van Buren County’s “Twin Cities”. Leando (south side of Des Moines River) was settled in the 1830s. Douds was platted about 30 years later but never incorporated. From 1830 to 1990 there was no buying or selling intoxicating liquor in Douds. The two towns saw much rivalry until the river bridge was built in 1898. Today the two cities have joined and are regarded as one community, Douds. Douds is home to the largest underground limestone mine in the state, which is operating today as Douds Stone, Inc.

Douds-Leando is one of 11 Villages of Van Buren which include Bentonsport, Bonaparte, Birmingham, Cantril, Farmington,, Iowaville-Selma, Keosauqua, Milton, Mount Sterling and Stockport.

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