Waverly - Wartburg College

Main Street

This charming main street is home to locally-owned shops, boutiques and restaurants offering that small-town charm. Discover natural and organic makeup, skincare and hair care products at Root or get lost in Crawdaddy Outdoors' three levels of retail space featuring kayaks, backpacking equipment and camping gear.

Rail Trail

Rail Trail, Waverly Iowa

Explore rural Iowa with this scenic trail. Starting in Waverly, runner, bikers and hikers can make their way to neighboring towns like Janesville and Denver as well as connect with the Denver-Jefferson Trail and the Readlyn-Grump Trail.

Sasquatch Jacks

This self-touted hideaway bar and grill features a fun spin on classic American dishes. Grab a table and enjoy the peculiar Sasquatch décor while enjoying everything from a massive tenderloin (a local favorite) and other sandwiches to savory nachos and creamy mac and cheese.

The Mixing Bowl

Discover sweet and savory treats with The Mixing Bowl's vast collection of everything from donuts, cookies and scones to Terri's infamous pies, bread and coffee.