Snipe Hunt and Art Crawl


15170 20th Ave.
St. Charles, IA

Ph. 641.396.2102


Join us for our Spring Snipe Hunt from 1 p.m to 6 p.m. You will receive a free glass of wine or soda.

The official snipe hunt begins at 2 p.m. and continues until 4 p.m. You will be able to find these little creatures throughout the vineyards and along our walking trail. Catch a snipe, put it in your bag and turn them in at the end of the hunt. Some of these little creatures are so notorious there is a bounty on them! While they are devastating to the vines, and are also fictional, they are quite easy to sneak up on and bag.

Dress appropriately. This is a walk in the woods event. Additional recognition will be given to the best dressed snipe hunter. After the hunt join us for snipe sliders and other side dishes. Reservations to hunt snipe are strongly recommended. Cost is $20 per person.

We will also be particpating in an Art Crawl with local artists displaying thier works at five local wineries.  







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