Travel Iowa Logos

Grant Recipients

Recipients of Iowa Tourism Grants must use the following language and logos to credit the Iowa Tourism Office for their cooperative efforts:


Projects (marketing materials, meetings, events, etc.)

This project paid for in part by the Iowa Tourism Office.



This ad paid for in part by the Iowa Tourism Office.


Travel Iowa Logo Files & Guidelines

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The following specifications are intended to assist you in using the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) Travel Iowa logo. When placing the IEDA logo within any medium (website, printed brochures, marketing materials, advertising, banners and signage) the IEDA requests you allow for the proper ratio of negative (empty) space around the logo for brand recognition and readability. Approximately one-half the overall height of the letter “I” within the logo (at intended placement size) must be free from any other graphical element, image or the like. (See example 1) There can be exceptions in special circumstances, but it must be cleared with IEDA officials before the item is finalized. In  addition, if you intend to use a reversed logo on a black background, the black background must be solid and occupy at least the same amount of space around the logo as indicated for negative space in Example 1. Below you will see the color specifications for accurate reproduction of the Travel Iowa logo. The full color version of the logo is the primary version and should be used whenever possible. If this is not possible, the logo may be used entirely in black or reverse out, entirely in white.

Examples and Additional Specifications [PDF]


#ThisIsIowa Branding

Use the following to tag images with the #ThisIsIowa branding. Please use the Style Guide to guide your usage of #ThisIsIowa

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