Glacial Trail Scenic Byway

The Glacial Trail Scenic Byway takes some surprising turns along its 36-mile loop in northwest Iowa. As the name implies, glaciers carved the picturesque landscape of this unique byway. Travelers are treated to spectacular views of rolling hills, forested valleys and the Little Sioux River.

Traveling through the corners of four different counties, the byway boasts more than its share of parks and wildlife areas. You'll find park structures built during the Civilian Conservation Corps era and log cabins from pioneer days. You'll also find evidence of the area's rich Native American heritage in the archaeological sites near the byway and in the museums of the quaint country towns of Peterson and Linn Grove.

The Glacial Trail Scenic Byway is definitely off the beaten path, but the natural beauty, rich history and recreational offerings make the trip well worth your while.


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Along your route, make stops at these attractions:

Prairie Heritage Center, Peterson

Waterman Prairie Wildlife Management Area, Sutherland

Inkpaduta Canoe Trail, Peterson to Linn Grove

Jim's History Barn, Peterson

Wanata County Park, Peterson

Bogenrief Studios, Sutherland


For more detailed maps and information, contact the Golden Hills Resource Conservation and Development at 712.482.3029.

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