Rat King's Revenge: A Nutcracker Tale

Friday Dec 6, 2013 - Sunday Dec 8, 2013
Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts
200 N Main St.

Event Phone: 641.472.2827
Event Phone: 641.472.2000

Fairfield Art of Dance presents a twist on a classic holiday favorite, The Nutcracker.

Set to the music of Tchaikovsky, "Rat King's Revenge, A Nutcracker Tale" begins with Drosselmeyer teaching his apprentice the fine art of transformation, where one object magically takes another form. But during the training, something goes tragically wrong and the apprentice is transformed into a rat. Embarrassed by his failure and unable to reverse the spell, he releases the rat into the streets. While everyone celebrates the holidays with family and friends, the apprentice, now a rat, devises a plan to seek revenge against Drosselmeyer. Come find out if his plan will work or if someone will save the day.

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