Rendezvous Days

Saturday Sep 28, 2013 - Sunday Sep 29, 2013
Hwy. 24
Fort Atkinson

In the year 1977, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Fort Atkinson community, with permission of the Iowa State Preserves Advisory Board, organized a frontier rendezvous to re-enact life as it was in the 1840s.

Participants, dressed in authentic costumes worn in the 1840s, recreated the time period in regards to general military life at the Fort as well as when hunters, trappers and traders displayed their furs and supplies for barter and trade at a frontier rendezvous as existed further west in the Rocky Mountains.

Re-creation of the frontier rendezvous and the 1840s military life at Fort Atkinson has continued every year since. The annual Fort Atkinson rendezvous occurs during the last full weekend in the month of September.

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