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Iowa Tourism Office Research

Tourism Monthly Metrics
Iowa Tourism Office requests, web traffic, social media metrics and welcome center visitation.

These reports provide an up-to-date pulse of Iowa’s tourism industry. Get a sense of Iowa’s visitor traffic and compare your metrics. How does your business compare to the rest of the state?

Iowa Trip Planning Survey Reports
Information on who is planning trips to Iowa, taken from our online survey of those who order an Iowa Travel Guide.

What is the profile of travelers headed to Iowa? Why are they coming? What is the make-up of their travel party? What are their interests? How can you win these travelers to your destination?
Marketing Follow-Up Surveys
A follow-up survey to those that ordered the Iowa Travel Guide. Data includes whether or not the individual took a trip, how long the trip was, their spending in Iowa, their state of origin and how they arrived at our website.

Do you have what travelers are interested in experiencing? Are there untapped resources in your area you should be promoting? Do you have the amenities to serve the travelers? Share with local stakeholders the value of the travelers.
Iowa Welcome Center Surveys
Reports demographics and profile of Iowa's welcome center travelers. This report contains breakout by welcome center and visitation.

How can you design brochures to effectively reach the welcome center traveler? What are they interested in visiting? How can you attract them? Are the welcome centers reaching your target audience?