Holiday Wine & Beer

Pick up a bottle of Iowa wine or beer to pair with each of your holiday dishes. If you’re drinking for enjoyment, you can’t go wrong with any of Iowa’s reds or whites, lagers or stouts.

Here are a few pairing suggestions from local producers:



Cedar Valley Winery's Chardonel is a full-bodied white wine with melon and citrus flavors complimentary to white meats and semi-hard cheeses. Enjoy Chardonel with your meal or cook with it to enhance the flavors of sauces and gravy.

If beer is more your style, try a wheat or witbier. They tend to have great flavor without overwhelming the dish. For pairing with the featured bird, try Olde Main Brewing Company's Dinkey Wheat.



Get yourself a bottle of Little Swan Lake's Frontenac Gris. It is a great compliment to the spices in pie and its hint of honey sweetness won't overwhelm the sweetness of the pie.



Why not drink your dessert? Iowa brewers have great porters and stouts with nutty or chocolate flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth. Try Peace Tree Brewing Company's Rye Porter. The brewery describes it as having "dark chocolate, coffee-like and spice flavors." Drink it alone or pair it with chocolate.


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