Iowa's Hometown Slogans

When Mental Floss put together their list of "Town Slogans You Won't See Anywhere Else," they found some unique inclusions from Iowa. The four selected were:

READLYN: "857 friendly people and one old grump"

Word of Jeff


GRAVITY: "We're down to earth. If Gravity goes, we all go."



WASHTA: "The coldest spot in Iowa"

Des Moines Register


NEVADA: "26th best small town in America"

WikiMedia Commons


We asked our Facebook fans for other notable town slogans. Here are some of the responses:

NEW VIENNA: "The eNVy of Iowa"

ROCKWELL CITY: "The golden buckle on the corn belt"

STUART: "Home of 1700 good eggs and a few stinkers"

JEWELL: "A gem in a friendly setting"

RICKETTS: "Middle of nowhere"

ANITA: "A whale of a town"

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