Scenic Overlooks

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all and go someplace where you’ll be surrounded by nature’s beauty. In Iowa, we can make that happen. Our scenic overlooks provide views that stun and beauty that astonishes. Check out these overlooks the next time you want to escape.

We bet you’ll have a ball looking at this birds-eye view of rolling farmland and the Mississippi River.


Bellevue State Park & Overlook, Bellevue
The Bellevue State Park & Overlook will take your breath away with stunning views of the Mississippi River and charming town of Bellevue.


Broken Kettle Grasslands Preserve, Sioux City
Iowa’s largest remaining prairie also features a large herd of bison. The unique Broken Kettle Grasslands Preserve is a trip you won’t soon forget.


Guttenberg Roadside Overlook, Guttenberg
Say guten tag (hello) to the confluence of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers at the Guttenberg Roadside Overlook.


Harrison County Historical Village & Welcome Center, Missouri Valley
Trek up trails to get a view of the historic Lincoln Highway at the Harrison County Historical Village & Welcome Center.


Hitchcock Nature Center Observation Tower, Honey Creek
Put on your walking shoes and climb 45 feet to the top of this unique observation tower for a birds-eye view of the Loess Hills.


Hurstville Interpretive Center, Maquoketa
Spectacular swans and magnificent marshes are yours for the viewing when you stop by the Hurstville Interpretive Center’s overlook.


Mile Hill Lake Scenic Overlook, Glenwood
Take a hike to the Mile Hill Lake Scenic Overlook, where you’ll find hiking trails, lake and restored prairie views.


Mines of Spain State Recreation Area, Dubuque
Watch wildlife, hike trails and see the interpretive and nature center at this designated National Historic Landmark, and one of Iowa’s “Watchable Wildlife Areas.”


Mount Hosmer City Park, Lansing
Start your trip on Iowa's Great River Road with the view from this small town's park.


Murray Hill Scenic Overlook, Little Sioux
Hold onto your breath, because the Murray Hill Scenic Overlook will take it away with its panoramic view of the Missouri River Valley and Loess Hills prairie landscape.


Otter Creek Marsh Bird Platform, Chelsea
Take a break from the fishing at Otter Creek to watch birds and other wildlife from this protected area.


Paint Creek Overlook, Harpers Ferry
Located in the Yellow River State Forest, the Paint Creek Overlook will paint a pretty picture for you with stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape.


Pikes Peak State Park, McGregor
Pique your love for the outdoors at Pikes Peak State Park, where you’ll find miles of hiking trails that pass gorgeous scenery, including sheer limestone walls, fossils, Bridal Veil Falls and, of course, the Mississippi River.


Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge Overlook, Wapello
Bird lovers can’t get enough of the Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge Overlook located along the Mississippi River Flyway – because it’s a major route for migrating birds.


Prairie Heritage Center, Peterson
Passionate about prairies? Located on the Glacial Trail Scenic Byway, the Prairie Heritage Center features a picturesque Iowa landscape.


Preparation Canyon State Park, Pisgah
Looking for those quintessential Loess Hills views? You'll find them at Preparation Canyon in Pisgah.


Sac & Fox Scenic Overlook, Steamboat Rock
Stunning sunset vistas are all part of the package when you visit the Sac & Fox Scenic Overlook. Visit during the fall for gorgeous colors.


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