"Cache" In

Ready for a treasure hunt? Then you’re ready to geocache! Geocaching is an adventure game where participants search for “caches” by using GPS location coordinates. Caches provide treasure seekers a range of rewards, from the simple pleasure of finding the location to actual prizes or money. Just remember – geocaching etiquette says visitors should leave something in the cache for the next treasure hunters to find.
If you’ve never used GPS to geocache before, get great trips on tackling your first trip. Then just grab your walking shoes and GPS unit – and head outdoors to cache in!
Here are some Iowa Geocachers Organization’s favorite caches:

49 and Holding the Cache a Gold Miner’s Delight
A gold miner’s delight

No need for a shovel
No need for a mule
No need for any special tool
A nice all weather park and grab

Location: N 41° 24.359 W 092° 55.133


Take Your Time
This cache is located in beautiful Thomas Mitchell Park, which as an easy walking trail that loops you through the timber. Park at the lake and walk the south shore to the trailhead.

Location: N 41° 38.324 W 093° 23.150


Needle in a Cache Stash
This is a multi-part cache that starts with parking at N 41 53.581 W 090 10.782. From there, follow your clues and head to the final cache. Tip: A flashlight might be helpful – and bring your own pen or pencil.

Location: N 41° 53.564 W 090° 10.669


High Trestle Dead Center
Here’s how you’ll find this cache – take time to read the signs and take in the view.

Location: N 41° 52.022 W 093° 52.079

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