Iowa Valley Scenic Byway

This 77-mile Iowa Valley Scenic Byway along the Iowa River is anchored by two distinct cultures - on the western end you'll find Iowa's only Native American community, the Meskwaki Settlement, and on the eastern end, you'll travel through the seven villages of the Amana Colonies. The colonies were created as a communal society in 1855 by Germans fleeing religious persecution.

Though the area's diverse culture is the star attraction, the scenery and natural areas are not to be overlooked. The western stretch of the byway is known for its incredible long views, some extending up to 20 miles in the "Bohemian Alps." The Iowa River Corridor project has protected much of the wildlife habitat along the river. As a result, outdoor recreation opportunities are abundant.

Whether you're enticed by unique cultures, interesting cuisines or beautiful vistas, the Iowa Valley Scenic Byway has something for you.


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Along your route, make stops at these attractions:

Meskwaki History Museum, Tama

Otter Creek Marsh Bird Platform, Chelsea

Iowa River Corridor Wildlife Management Area, Chelsea

Amana Heritage Museum, Amana

Amana Lily Lake, Middle Amana


For more detailed maps and information, contact the Iowa Valley Resource Conservation and Development at 319.622.3264.

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