Brewery Boom

Iowa has long been known as the place to go to get great food. More recently, Iowa also has become one of the nation’s hot spots for beer. It’s home to a craft brewing industry that has more than doubled in recent years.

Fifteen microbreweries have opened in Iowa since early 2012 and brewers expect the growth to accelerate. Here are examples.


515 Brewing Company
Iowa’s newest microbrewery opened in March 2013 in the Des Moines suburb of Clive. The brewery features a three-barrel brewing system on location and a tasting room offering beer by the glass. The inventory rotates regularly, so patrons can expect a new combination of beers on tap every time they walk through the door. 515 Brewing Company is located on the north side of the Greenbelt Trail. It’s an ideal spot to cool off with a great brew after a run, walk or bike ride.


Millstream Brewing Company
Chris Priebe, owner & head brewer, brewed for Dubuque Star until it closed down. He then came to Millstream Brewery in Amana, eventually buying it with partners Tom and Teresa Albert. Established in 1985, Millstream Brewery is Iowa’s largest and oldest microbrewery. The brewery sells most of its beer through retail, but also maintains a vibrant outdoor, hop-covered beir garten.


Worth Brewing Company
Even a small town can support a microbrewery – if the beer is good. Worth Brewing Company in Northwood is the smallest licensed brewery in the country, making beer in 10-gallon batches for local consumption and tourists. The brewery is housed in a historic building built as a bank in 1886 that later served as the local offi ces of a utility company. In fact the bar was fashioned from the original teller cage for the bank. Owners Peter Ausenhus and his wife, Margaret Bishop, have operated the brewery since 2007, offering as many as 12 different microbrews for their customers.


Twisted Vine Brewery
St. Charles
Twisted Vine opened up in the Madison County Winery in St. Charles in 2011 after Iowa law changed to allow both types of businesses to operate in the same location. The winery experience has allowed the brewery to experiment with new fl avors including the use of grape juice in the brewing process to develop new beer recipes with a winery twist.




For a complete listing of microbreweries in Iowa, visit or download the Iowa Wine & Beer app via the App Store or Google Play.