Fall Color Report

Welcome to Iowa's fall color report from the State Forest Nursery. This recording was made Monday, November 4, 2013.

For more information, contact the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.



The peak of fall color has passed in all areas of the state. Overall, not much color remains in the northern part of the state. In central Iowa, the rural areas are about 60% defoliated but there are still good spots of color in protected areas. Some silver maple trees are still a pretty yellow color and the oaks are contributing color as well.

The city of Ames was at their peak color over the past week. Scarlet red Burning Bush, orange Sugar Maples, pinkish orange in the Amur Maples and the striking orange of the Autumn Blaze Maples were all showing in Ames this past weekend and the town looked like a postcard. Even the oaks were peaked out. Hurry outside as it will be diminishing pretty quickly due to rain and wind.

Overall in Southern Iowa, the peak for most species has passed but there is still a lot of color remaining outside, especially in protected areas and in the towns. There are still some lagging trees that are kind of green yet but most are either at peak or past peak.

As far as the oaks are concerned… in the northern part of the state they are past their peak and few leaves remain. In central Iowa, the oaks reached their peak over the past week and some of them are starting to turn a little brown. In Southern Iowa, the oaks reached their peak over the past week as well. The forester indicated that the White Oaks remain colorful.

This will be the final report for this year.  Enjoy the remaining color this week!

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